Global Perspectives of Yoga Teacher Training In India

India has given something exceptional to the world called “Yoga”. To such an extent that Yoga schools have been set up all around the world offering 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses and other courses. However, Yoga is present in its original form only in India which is the place that is known for the beginning of Yoga. Learning from the source is the best way to attain knowledge, and furthermore, you get the absolute best Yogis as Teachers when you choose a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh or any other place in India. These Yoga teachers have committed their life towards Yoga. Their method is unique as they dive deep into the sadhana and they have the most skilled abilities to show yoga as well. This article attempts to put forward the viewpoints of the Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

  1. Yoga History is in India: Since the Vedic age, Yoga has been practiced in India, and it was Maharishi Patanjali who fused the information in his sutras. Along these lines, the historical backdrop of Yoga is separated into three periods viz. pre-Patanjali meaning before 500 BC, Patanjali time 500 BC to 500 AD, and post-Patanjali time i.e post 500 AD.
  1. The Yoga Lineage: Going to the source of information is the most ideal approach to learn. The antiquated information books “The Upanishads” say that sitting near the information source (Teacher). You can never get the full sensation of Yoga while doing it away from India. All things considered, all the information was accumulated in India by numerous Indian Yoga Masters. You can likewise find a portion of the first Yoga messages and read what you will do in your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in the library of your Yoga school.
  1. India is the place where there is Ayurveda: Yoga follows the antiquated clinical study of Ayurveda, and India is where you get all the information on Ayurveda in Yoga schools. It is an integral course that goes far in getting the full advantage of Yoga.
  1. The Holy River Ganga: Rishikesh is known as the place where there is Yogis since it has the blessed river Ganga moving through it. The water has such countless clinical properties that only washing in the stream will help you feel vivacious, new, and dispose of numerous sicknesses. Indeed, individuals taking a dive in Ganga before Yoga feel the flood in energy. Furthermore, there is nothing better than an evening stroll along the waterway bank. You will feel what the Yogis felt when they began the act of Yoga.
  1. It is financially best to do Yoga TTC in India: Yoga TTC is reasonable in India when contrasted with the remainder of the world. You will get food, housing, and practice for moderate value, which is economical than any other place on the planet. Explore HYR!
  1. Worldwide Credentials: The yoga schools and instructors in India have knowledge regarding global norms. The educators in India come from Universities of Yoga where they get legitimate preparation, study, and practice. The yoga schools are enlisted with Yoga Alliance USA which is perhaps the best qualification body.
  1. Yoga away from home means full submersion: When you are away from home for a reason, then, at that point you will do the thing with considerably more consideration. In this way, regardless of whether you are arranged in India attempt to go to some other spot away from home with the goal that you can submerge yourself completely in Yoga. Do this and you will feel the distinction.
  1. Straightforward Living and Maximum Learning: You will scarcely discover lavish living, though so in Yoga retreats. The yogic lifestyle is straightforward living with vegan food that draws out the best in every last one of us. The best spot to learn and encounter is in India particularly in the environmental elements of Ashram.