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Himalayan Yoga Retreat | Discover the Bliss within

Himalayan Yoga Retreat (HYR) is an authentic 22 years old spiritual & traditional yoga centre in the holy city of Rishikesh, India. We are well known around the world as “The Best Yoga School in Rishikesh” especially for our authentic Yoga Courses and Retreats which has helped millions to experience the peace, love, joy and inherent bliss “within oneself” through The Ancient Science of Yoga Meditation. On the calm & beautiful banks of Holy Ganges surrounded by the blessedness of Himalayas, we offer authentically guided Self-Blissing Yoga Retreats and Yoga Alliance Certified courses for 100/200/300/500 hours Yoga Teacher Training, together with Reiki healing, Naturopathy treatment, Emotional blockage & Chakra treatment, Ayurveda, Panchkarma & Body Detox and other ancient Yoga Meditation courses under the esteemed leadership of the highly venerated Yoga Teacher & Master Healer – Swami Rakesh ji who humbly offers all this credit to his Guru-Preceptor Paramahansa Yogananda. The centre is an internationally well-known hub for authentic spiritual practice, transformational Vedic teachings of Scientific Yoga Meditation and spreading the research of the Himalayan rishis into the ancient techniques of Self-Realization through self-exploration.

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Cheerful faces from 2023 batch of “The Himalayan Yoga Retreat” at Rishikesh with Revered Swami Rakesh ji on the Bank of Blessed River Ganges in the Himalayas
Outdoor class - HYR Student by the Ganges in Rishikesh

Self Blissing Yoga Retreats

Our spiritual relaxation based yoga holiday retreats are the most well-known throughout the world. They look to us as the Best Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh as HYR brings for everyone a Blissful experience of love & joy in this powerful aura of Himalayas & Ganges.

Morning Hatha Yoga TTC class at HYR

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Known as Best Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Rishikesh, HYR offers 200 hours (24days) TTC which provides thorough training in all aspects of yoga with an International Yoga Alliance Certification & proves to be a turning point in personal growth.


Reiki Healing & Courses

Swami Rakesh who is a Master Healer & Super Reiki Expert with 22yrs of worldwide experience, students from all over the world come for certification & with His love for Humanity he teaches & gives healing through God’s Power.

What makes our Yoga teacher training special

Himalayan Yoga Retreat offers a unique experience for the sincere spiritual seekers, with its Yoga Wellness & Body Detox – Self-Blissing Yoga Retreats and with its 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training courses that provides thorough training in all aspects of yoga, designed for motivated practitioners, who wish to make yoga a way of life, and wish to spread the ancient knowledge of the Universal Science of Yoga.

An additional week is thrown in to give you extra practice and prepare you to walk the path of yogic life with confidence. We take in small batches so that we can attentively focus on each student. Our priority is to make the students feel comfortable, confident and satisfied enabling them to realize the magic of following a dream and making it true.


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International Students Trained


Training Courses

Students loving gathered for a group Photo after a classBest-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b8Best Retreat in HimalayasBest Retreat in HimalayasBest-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a6Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Retreat-best-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreat-108Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a6Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a1008Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25HYR Students enjoying Breakfast in bali with MariaBest-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a2.jpeg Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a8.jpeg Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a22 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a23 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a24 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a25 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a26 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b3 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b4 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b5 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b6 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b7 Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-b8Best-ryt-ttc-Best-Yoga-Retreat-Best-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreat-108Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a10081Best-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreats-108Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-uoga-body-detox-yoga-wellness-retreat-12-15-21-1-week-a108Retreat in HimalayasBest-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreats-108Best-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreats-108Best-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreats-108Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-ryt-ttc-Yoga-Retreat-best-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreat-108Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a6Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25-a6Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-Yoga-Retreat-center-in-Rishikesh-India-Best-Yoga-School-studio-yoga-teacher-training-luxury-vinyasa-bali-ubud-goa-retreat-3days-7days-10days-12-15-21-25Best-ryt-ttc-Best-Yoga-Retreat-Best-Yoga-Teacher-training-course-rishikesh-india-himalayan-yoga-retreat-108

What Our Students Say

Himalayan Yoga Retreat
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Kay gets CleanKay gets Clean
18:43 08 Sep 23
Recently attended a talk by swami rakesh, aligning the masculine and feminine. Was very insightful, came away understanding more about certain traits within myself. He has a very powerful yet calming energy. Thankful for the knowledge he shared
Gibby BarnfatherGibby Barnfather
16:41 04 Sep 23
Wow! What I can say... Swami came to my retreat centre and delivered an amazing workshop for me and our community. It was truly magickal... so powerful and so informative and also so much fun!The techniques we were taught are easy and incredibly healing... all the teachings were fantastic. I felt like we all released so much and most definitely increased our Prana.With so much love and Gratitude, I'd like to thank Swami and I hope to welcome him back very soon to our space and I want to continue my personal learning in this area of knowledge and wisdom.So many blessings to everyone for all we received.Cheers!GibbyThe wandering Monk!The Soul SanctuaryGlastonbury🩵🙏✨️ x
15:05 02 Sep 23
Attended a healing workshop with Swami Rakesh in a beautiful setting in Somerset. Experienced a very powerful day surrounded and supported by beautiful people. If ever you get a chance or fancy travelling to Rishikesh in Indian Himalayas you will not regret it! Big love to one and all.
Elisabeth MisslandElisabeth Missland
10:54 20 Aug 23
I met Swami Rakesh in the UK, at a festival he attended. I didn't really know what to expect when I entered the tent where treatments took place.I received an energy unblocking treatment... and it shook me to the core in an expected, profound, and meaningful way.Deep pressure was applied to my calves, which promptly brought up strong emotions. I ended up a sobbing mess, but a few minutes later, upon settling, I felt like a changed person; I entered the tent somewhat closed, insular, and uncomfortable, I left energized, open hearted and loving. I also received insight into my blockages and aspect of my life in the most sensitive, considerate and loving way. I felt seen, respected and loved.I am grateful and blessed to have crossed path with Swami Rakesh, and should the star align, I shall visit the Himalayan Yoga Retreat. Thank you again.
Palak AgrawalPalak Agrawal
11:46 12 Aug 23
Met so many sweet souls and made great friends for life! One of my best memories in life till are now from here at Rishikesh.I feel incredibly fortunate to have dedicated this time to learning at Himalayan Yoga Retreat under the guidance of Swami Rakesh and the teachers. The retreat's location is truly exceptional – a tranquil and serene haven nestled along the sacred Ganges. The experience was enriched by the love and care of the teachers and staff and the impeccable 5-star service, lush green surroundings, and the company of remarkable individuals and Master yoga teachers.
jada lexisjada lexis
18:25 10 Aug 23
Swami Rakesh Is a wonderful, genuine, kind and gentle teacher and gifted healer- wow! I’m so grateful to him for helping guide my healing and for facilitating a powerful emotional release therapy.. I really look forward to experiencing more of his teachings and visiting the retreat center.
James TebbsJames Tebbs
19:52 09 Aug 23
I recieved pressure point and reiki therapy from Rishikesh and had a very positive experience. Releasing tension, understanding more about myself, and learning some important ways to heal and grow!Would definitely recommend, thank you so much!Hare Krsna and much love 🙏🏻
Fiona CarolanFiona Carolan
18:21 09 Aug 23
Thank you for your healing Reiki Swami. A wonderful experience and looking forward to meeting you again for yoga and meditation! Kind regards Fiona
Helen MurphyHelen Murphy
17:16 09 Aug 23
Beautiful session. Tough on the calves where my blockages are... this was discovered by another body worker several yrs ago, and also I have been experiencing increasingly common tight cramps there recently... so I wasnt surprised by this, but very good to know. Otherwise I felt a caring energy and touch. Just what I needed. Many thanks 🙏🙏🙏
Ankur AgrawalAnkur Agrawal
10:46 04 Aug 23
Feels really blessed to have spent this time learning at Himalayan Yoga Retreat with Swami Rakesh and Teachers. They have the one of the best retreat locations… so serene and peaceful by the banks of holy Ganges. Had a nice time enjoying the 5Star service in the lush green property with incredible group of Individuals and Great teachers of Yoga
iacoboae mihaelaiacoboae mihaela
18:19 06 Oct 22
Thank you for choosing to bring us teachings from Rishikesh in a beautiful mountain town in Romania! The kundalini yoga class I attended was impressive, the changes brought to my life are visible, from one day to the next.Thank you for offering the beauty of your nature!I am grateful for this experience and I hope that others will follow.
Flo NiedhammerFlo Niedhammer
20:24 16 Oct 17
I came here for Reiki Level 1 in August 2018. I can highly recommend this school to learn Reiki. Swami Prakash, the owner of the school is a very authentic yogi and is really dedicated to the yogic way of life. He is very humble and approachable and is happy to share everything he knows.For Reiki 1 you should plan 4 days. The training takes usually 3 days, for one person it is 1h in the morning and then 3h in the afternoon. The 1h in the morning is the attunement/initiation where Prakash will open you up and prepare you so that Reiki can flow through you and you can use it conciously to heal you or others. In the afternoon you will practice using Reiki for healing. I was there with my wife, so we were practice on each other. I can recommend coming with someone that you like so that you can practice on each other and Prakash can watch, correct and guide.This training is very hands-on! If you decide to go to a Reiki school you obviously have some kind of idea what it is but a workbook will be given to you that you can keep and use for studying. Reading through it a few times is totally enough for you to understand the theory. The book also includes the description of techniques in case you forget.Most of the training you will practice using Reiki. Prakash will guide you and share almost ten different techniques that you can use to heal yourself and others. He is always there for you in case you have questions. He wants to make sure that you fully understand the practical side of it so you can go on your own and practice. Which you need to do for 21 after the training.I am a yoga instructor and Reiki 1 has added so much value to my own practice, life and teaching. My wife and I practice on each other and use it for self-healing.If you are looking for Reiki training in the beautiful Himalayan mountains then this is the school you want to go to. They offer Reiki 1, 2 and master trainings. I can only speak for Reiki 1, but when I am back in Rishikesh I will stay for Reiki 2. An official certificate will be given to you after the training.Thank you Prakash for introducing us to Reiki and more into the yogic way of life with you vast knowledge. Love, Bre and Flo.


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